Metallic pulleys are covered with rubber pulley lagging material to improve friction / tracing between belt and metal surface. This will reduce slippage and improves power transfer to belt.

Pulley lagging helps conveyor to perform in difficult conditions like rain or sludge where friction co-efficient is low.

Pulley lagging protect pulley against wear and corrosion and prevent material built up.

Rubber pulley lagging reduces belt tracking problem to a great extent.

KBPL offers plain rubber lagging sheets and diamond pulley lagging sheet with special compound to stand against water shedding, reduction in slippage and long pulley surface life.

KBPL offers pulley lagging sheets with and without bonding layer in different thickness and different grades of rubber like Oil resistance and Fire resistance.

Pulley Lagging Sheet Rolls
Pulley Lagging Sheet - ready to ship