The top and bottom covers provide protection to the carcass. Cover quality is always selected according to the material to be conveyed and the service conditions. Krishna Belts offers wide range of cover qualities conforming to Indian & International Standards in order to meet the Customer’s requirements.


The carcass consists of wholly synthetic fabrics covering both Nylon/Nylon (NN) and Polyester / Nylon (EP). Special designed carcass belts are offered by KRISHNA BELTS for special application considerations.


The skim coating on the plies are of a highly resilient rubber compound, which minimizes the possibility of ply separation and improves impact resistance to cope with all mechanical and thermal requirements.


Polyester Nylon (EP) : EP 100, EP 125, EP 150, EP 200, EP 250, EP 300, EP 350 & EP 400.
Nylon Nylon (NN) : NN 100, NN 125, NN 150, NN 200, NN 250, NN 300, NN 350 & NN 400


Breaker ply can be laid over the top and bottom fabric plies as per the customer requirements, in case any additional protection is required to the carcass. This is recommended for severe service conditions thus providing a better bonding between the cover and carcass & to withstand impact forces during service.

Constructional Features

WidthUp to 1600mm.
LengthUp to 250 mtrs in single length.
EndsOpen or Endless.
EdgesCut or moulded/Sealed.
Fabrics Plies2 plies to 8 plies and more if required.
FabricsPolyester/Nylon (EP), Nylon/Nylon (NN), Cotton/Nylon (CN) or Cotton/Cotton (CC).
Carcass constructionStraight Ply/Stepped Ply/Reverse Stepped Ply.
Cover ThicknessAs per customer specification.
Cover Grades.M-24, N-17, HR & SHR T1, SHR T2, UHR T1, UHR T2, OR & Chemical Resistant, Hygienic, FR, Rough/Pimpled Top, Superior Abrasion Resistant.
Custom DesignBelts can be deigned to specific customer requirements.