Reconditioning of belts

All cold joints have to be necessarily removed & replaced by hot joint.

Belt comprises of carcass, top & bottom cover. All belts having high carcass costs such as steel cord belts, pipe conveyor belts & fabric belts above 1000KN/m can be reconditioned with techno-economical viability. Even UHR belts which are removed only due to scorching of rubber can also be reconditioned viably.

Reconditioned belt will give almost the same life as a life of reconditioned new belt. In some instances, the life of the reconditioned belt can be higher than the original belt.

Preferably, some rubber on the top & bottom sides is necessary.

Reconditioned belts can be supplied in standard rolls 250 – 350 mtrs by undertaking hot vulcanizing.

We prefer to undertake the reconditioning at our factory.

Longitudinal Cut Repair of Belts

It is highly techno-economical to undertake repair on all types of belts.

Repaired belt will give the full residual life of the belt. The repaired portion becomes an integral part of the belt. Our repaired belts are also being used in the primary areas where the impact load is very high.

We prefer to undertake the repair at our factory.