Through Cut Repairs

Conveyor Belts are subjected to longitudinal through cuts caused by unwanted foreign materials like –

sharp boulders,

steel chute liners,

other iron objects like tooth points, etc.

Temporary Solutions

In case of emergencies, few common temporary solutions are:

Use of Belt Fasteners to fasten the damaged belt every 1-2 mtrs.

To arrest the spillage from the cut portion, a 6-8 inch wide ply/ ply with rubber is cold vulcanized over the cut portion.


The fastening process enables the belt to run for maximum of 30-45 days.

Problem still persists as the fasteners create lot of interference in the operation, especially over the pulleys.

After making alternative arrangements for the conveyor belt, the damaged belt is removed and new belt is substituted.

The Ideal Way of treating through cut repairs

The damaged belt is coiled properly and care is taken that the entire length is kept in rolls of more than 100mtrs.

This is immediately sent to regular storage area to prevent loss due theft etc.

Such belts are being collected by us and longitudinal repairs are undertaken at our shop in a very systematic manner.


Temporary SolutionThrough Cut Repaired Belt
The reliability of this repair is not very high and it has been observed that within a period of 4-5 months, the repaired portion starts opening resulting in failure of the beltThe reliability of the belt is very high and the repaired portion becomes an integral part of the carcass. In many cases, these repaired belts have also been reconditioned.
Further this repaired belt is not able to resist the impact or watery conditions and can only be used in less loaded and dry areas.Repaired belt is as good as the new belt and can be used in all its applications.